Growing up closely outside of New York City, I had plenty of people and places to be inspired by. During my college years, I realized my passion for photography, while working on a major in graphic design and a minor in business.

In my first job after graduating, I developed my talent and sense of responsibility as a senior photographer at a portrait studio. I learned how to take photos in a professional setting, while leading my team to success.

I currently work at The RealReal, an e-commerce retailer. Within five months, I was promoted from assistant to photographer. I photographed items such as clothing, handbags, and shoes. My desire to help the photo studio, along with my experience as a manager, motivated me to become a photography lead.

In my current role at The RealReal I help in the hiring process, observing applicants with photography assessment and give insight into how I think they will perform in the position. Once hired, I train them to properly position the item they are shooting. I teach how to use the camera and our settings, how to use Adobe Lightroom, and make sure their lighting is correct. We have daily team and individual goals and I ensure we hit them consistently. Throughout my day, I check in with my team to keep them on track to succeed in their goals. I analyze weekly and monthly performance statistics and have individual meetings with team members to discuss their performance. I recognize their wins and help find an improvement plan for those who are under performing. I check my team’s photography sets daily, ensuring every photograph is up to company standards in terms of lighting, positioning, and framing. In the course of my day, I make sure the photo studio is running smoothly and product is flowing through the pipeline. At the end of the day, I write an email to my fellow photography leads and managers discussing how the studio performed that day.

Outside of work, I enjoy running, traveling, and Broadway. My personality makes me approachable, and my confidence encourages people to trust and follow my lead.