Product Shots

Product shots I planned, styled, photographed, lighted, and edited. Not used for a professional use.


Many people come to New York City to see the sights and attractions. It’s not very often that you look at the people around you and not the buildings. In this observation I analyzed the real emotions of people in the city from Staten Island to Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Documenting Clothing Design

A portfolio of work documenting clothing design. Here is my statement:

Growing up I was always consumed in design with my dad being a website designer, and my mom working in the fashion industry. Many times I went with my mom into the city to her office and I always thought it was very interesting how everything came together. Therefore, I decided to do my portfolio on documenting the design department of the fashion company Carole Wren located in Queens New York.


This is an assignment for my photography class I took in the Fall semester in 2013. The assignment was to pick anything we wanted and do an inventory of it. At school I don’t have a car so I walk everywhere I go. I’m very observant and I always notice house numbers and how they fit the house they are attached to. When this assignment was given I immediately knew I wanted to do house numbers. These are some house numbers on Willow St, Marlboro St, and Water St, all in my neighborhood in Keene NH.